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Global Prohibition Regimes and International Law - Veronika Bílková

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Autor:Veronika Bílková
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 The monograph revisits the concept of global prohibition regimes and explores the relationship between these regimes and international law. It combines a theoretical account of the topic with a series of practical case studies focused on six concrete regimes (against piracy, genocide, terrorism, whale hunting, drugs and nuclear weapons).

The book demonstrates that the concept of global prohibition regimes, though introduced more than 25 years ago, remains vague and imprecise and it seeks to redress this lack of precision by coining a new working definition of the concept.

The book also shows that while global prohibition regimes could not exist without an international legal component, the legal design of various regimes differ, as States construing such regimes have several legal choices to make.

The publication is intended for both international legal scholars and international relations theorists.